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Can’t Hurt Me Summary | Cant Hurt Me, Cant Hurt Me Audiobook

Cant Hurt Me

Cant Hurt Me

The book “Can’t Hurt Me” tells the tale of David Goggins, who transformed himself from a miserable and overweight guy into a world-class athlete, military inspiration, and record-breaking athlete.

Many of us come up with reasons why we can’t exercise regularly. We don’t feel like it, we’re too busy, or we sleep in. When we stop creating excuses, what happens?

David Goggins gave 100% to his life, he stopped making excuses and making justifications. He is a former member of the Air Force and a Navy SEAL. If you’ve heard of him, it’s probably because he’s also an ultra-endurance athlete who once set a world record for the most pull-ups performed in a 24-hour period. Among the strongest persons alive, he is one.

His life wasn’t easy. He had to go through lot of difficulties in his life. He survived abusive childhood. He spent life in poverty. Gained to much wait in his twenties. As he was going through troublesome childhood, he couldn’t complete the school as a teen. All these difficulties couldn’t stop him from succeeding in life and achieving success.

He is now here to assist you in overcoming problems as well. He explains that it’s the challenging things in life that make you the strongest in his book Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds.

Lessons I have learned from Cant Hurt Me book:

1. You can always comeback stronger, no matter where you’ve been or how much damage you’ve endured.

2. Strive to be your best self through hard effort and self-promotion rather than trusting in overnight success.

3. Use the 40% rule to your advantage to manage your mind and accomplish more than you ever imagined.

Are you prepared to make the most of life and yourself? Let’s find out how!

Cant Hurt Me Summary

Any challenge you experience can be overcome, and it will only help you to become stronger | Can’t Hurt Me Summary

Even though he had fled his violent father as a child, the trauma he had gone through had a lasting negative impact on him well into his thirties. He went through “toxic stress,” which caused him to do so poorly in school that he was illiterate. He had a dead-end career in his twenties and started using food as a coping mechanism for his emotions. He quickly reached about 300 pounds.

He was determined to join the Navy SEALs after watching a documentary about them. He was much over the 191-pound weight limit, but he didn’t let that stop him. He astonishingly dropped 109 pounds in just 3 months.

He persisted in pushing himself even after accomplishing his SEAL aspiration. Among many other outstanding physical achievements, he once broke the pull-up world record.

How did he accomplish all of this? He decided to change his perspective such that he no longer saw himself as a victim of circumstance and started to see life as “the ultimate training field.” The easiest method to persuade yourself to keep going when you want to give up, according to him, is to reflect on the obstacles you have been able to overcome.

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If you’ve been dealt a rough hand in life, try to see the positive aspects of it. You become stronger as a result of all your challenges and suffering. Life’s difficulties are similar to lifting weights. We shall become more powerful the more we raise and overcome.

Push yourself to your limits and work hard if you want to advance.

Goggins is an ultra-endurance athlete in addition to being a SEAL. He has completed day-long 100-mile races, so forget marathons. When asked how he was able to accomplish so much, he always responds that his strong work ethic was the key.

Modern society is all on quick cures. However, there is no short fix for taming oneself. He works so hard, which is why he is able to accomplish so much. Goggins also advises folks who claim they lack the time in their lives to get up early in order to attain their lofty ambitions.

Goggins also shows us that the “governor” in our minds is the part of our minds that prevents us from moving forward in life. It is aware of our limits, warns us against taking chances, and thrives on our vulnerabilities. We must go beyond our comfort zone in order to unseat the governor.

We must understand that when things are the toughest, we have the opportunity to become mentally tough and push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. “Victory frequently comes down to bringing your absolute best when you feel your worst,” said Goggins.

Stop giving life 40% of your effort and give it 100%.

Do you ever finish a hard exercise and feel like you’ve given it your all and have nothing else to give?

You still have 60% to give, according to Goggins! It may sound absurd, yet when we merely exert 40% of our potential, humans prefer to give up. You can only truly advance once you let go of the delusion that your best effort has been made.

By pushing above that 40% mark, you’ll be able to tolerate pain better and let go of your self-limiting beliefs. The 40% rule is as follows. You will unlock a higher performance level once you start pushing past the 40% that the majority of the rest of the world appears to be content with. You’ll get exceptional outcomes using this.

Cant Hurt Me Audiobook

we would suggest you to get a physical copy of the book. But if you don’t want to have copy then you can also listen to Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook on Audible. If you haven’t registered yet on Audible then do register. You can get 2 audiobook copies for free on your registration.

Can’t Hurt Me Review

Can’t Hurt Me is incredibly motivating. Someone who has overcome great hurdles and emerged as one of the toughest people on earth may teach us what it takes to manage our minds. He enables us to overcome our mental barriers and take charge of our success. After doing this, you’ll be prepared to stop making excuses, do, and improve yourself more than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Cant Hurt Me a memoir?

Yes, Can’t Hurt Me is a memoir written by David Goggins. It’s inspiring story of black man who did impossible things.

Q. What can we learn from Goggins?

The lesson you can learn is, “No matter how hard things are, you can always overcome all odds with willpower.”

Q. Who read David Goggins book for audio?

David Goggins and Adam Skolnick

Q. What to read after Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins?

Read Never Finished By David Goggins. It’s his 2nd book.

Q. What is the 40% rule David Goggins?

The 40% rule says, You will unlock a higher performance level once you start pushing past the 40% that the majority of the rest of the world appears to be content with. You’ll get exceptional outcomes using this.

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